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منشی تلفنی برای گوشی های سیمبیان سری 60

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FunVoiceMail is an Intelligent Mobile Phone Manager that allows users to have full control of all incoming calls when they are not available to answer their mobile phones. It provides a wide range of greetings for users to greet their callers and a complete management of voice mails left. Running on the most popular Symbian phones, this Symbian Signed mobile application provides users with the peace of mind of an officially certified application

Users can create different profiles for different callers and FVM will then manage the callers as users have configured. For example, if the user cannot answer the phone, FVM can

* Accept or Reject all or certain calls from unwanted callers or a list of callers
* Automatically send a customized SMS to callers
* Play a Fun Greeting to entertain callers (fully customized for each of them).There are more than 50 greetings available for free
* Play any MP3 file to any caller
* Record and play a personal greeting for each caller
* Allow or disallow callers from leaving a voice mail
* Fully manage all the voice mails left by callers: users can listen to them unlimited times for an unlimited period of time and for free, send them to friends via Bluetooth or email, and store them either in the phone, memory card or PC

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۲- این برنامه علاوه بر قابلیت منشی تلفنی ُ.قابلیتهایی مثل ضبط صدا-رد تماس و غیره را داراستAims.Migital.Technovations.Smart.Assistant.Live.v2.00.S60v2.SymbianOS7.Cracked-illusion


Your Mobile phhone assistant with Easy Call Management, Personalized Call Rejection Messages, Answering Machine, Call Recorder, Voice Notes.


Advanced Call Management
Live Response Actions for All Incoming Calls - Answer, Busy, Busy with Msg, Busy with Voice Msg, Call Recording.

Personalized Call Rejection Messages
Create own personalized Call Rejection messages. Change Call Rejection messages anytime.

Answering Machine
Full feature answering machine with auto-reply messages and message recording.

Easy Call Recorder
Easy to use Call Recording with integrated Hotkey. Just click and record!

Customized Voice Notes
Record your Personal Voice Notes for future reference.

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۳-Interactive Voice Call Master v1.50 TR


Super all-in-one call control + personal IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution! Respond any caller group by IVR, busy, SMS, divert, record secretly and mute ringer as you wish.


Super all-in-one, easy-to-use call control solution! Interactive Voice Call Master's intuitive classification feature can let you divide incoming callers up to seven groups including: callers on any five lists or phonebook, callers not on all above, and hidden callers (those who conceal phone number). Then you can assign one of seven responses to each group. Possible responses includes: accept, interactive voice, busy tone, reject + send SMS, divert calls to, record conversation secretly and mute the ringer.

Personal IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in your smartphone! If you chose IVR as a response to any group. It will answer callers of this group automatically and play a introduction greeting first, then wait callers to press keys to choose the possible actions, like transferring to other numbers, leaving a voice message, etc... Looks like you own a personal IVR!

Furthermore, IVR can play quizzes or interactive jokes with your specified friends when they are calling you! Or play a happy birthday tune to your girl or boy friend when her or he is calling on birthday, then rings to prompt you a incoming call is waiting.

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پسوورد تمامی فایلها :www.redroz8.tk

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